Shipping and Sales Tax

Shipping & Sales Tax

 “I want to pay for shipping

Domestic Shipping (United States & Canada only)

We don’t charge you additional fee for Domestic shipping. Really, we insist you don’t pay us for shipping. Got questions? J

Shameful Disclaimer: Okay, we admit it… our shipping cost is already included in your purchase price. Tada, glad we got that out of the way.

International Shipping

International shipping is a whole different animal, too expensive for us to absorb and stay in business. We charge a flat rate of $15 per order for International countries we ship to.

Delivery Time

We strive to manufacture your order and ship them out our door within a couple days. Then your package is in the hands of a major shipping carrier who knows what they’re doing. Over 95% of our Domestic orders are delivered to our customers within 5 business days of leaving our door.

For International shipping, we’re both at the mercy of how efficient local carriers are. In our experience, unless you live on Mars, most International orders are delivered within 2 weeks.

Express Shipping Option (United States & Canada only)

Life never goes as planned and sometimes you need to get stuff delivered quickly (For some of us, to hide the fact we’re a closet-procrastinator). Take a look at the express shipping rates below and then decide if it’s worth spending gobs of money to keep your reputation intact.

Weight - Lbs

UPS Express Saver

UPS Expedited

UPS 3 days select

Up To

End of Next Business Day

End of Day (2 days)

End of Day (3 days)














You don’t pay for sales tax. No joke, we got that covered too!

If you have any complaints about not being charged domestic shipping & sales tax, please contact us at (Our complaints department is lonelier than the Maytag guy)